Xilin Wang, Composer in Residence

Xiling Wang (Foto © By Peter Andersen) Musiktage am Rhein Festival
(Foto © By Peter Andersen)

Xilin Wang is one of the most significant composers in China, distinct for his expressive dramatic and subversive musical language. Wang was born in Kaifeng in Henan Province of China. His father’s untimely death and family poverty led him to join an art troupe in the Chinese PLA in September, 1949 and in 1955, at the age of 19, he was sent to the Central Military Music Conducting School in Beijing. (more)


Mainzer Virtuosi, Orchestra in residence

Mainzer Virtuosi is a young chamber orchestra ensemble founded in 2007 by Prof. Anne Shih and based in the Rhineland in Germany. The orchestra is comprised of top young players from Europe, North America and Asia. The soloists who perform with the orchestra are from the orchestra itself, creating a very collegial and unique atmosphere, inspiring both the players and the audience.



Georgy Tchaidze (Pianist)

Pavel Kolesnikov - Musiktage am Rhein Festival
©Eva Vermandel

Georgy Tchaidze verfügt über “eine feine Sensibilität und eine perfekt ausgereifte Technik”, so die Zeitung „The Telegraph“ in ihrer Kritik zum Wigmore Hall-Debut des Pianisten. Seit seinem Sieg beim „Honens International Piano Competition“ im Jahr 2009 ist Tchaidze erfolgreich in ganz Europa und Nordamerika unterwegs. Unter anderem debütierte er im Berliner Konzerthaus, im Glenn Gould Studio Toronto, im Het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, im National Centre for the Performing Arts in Peking, im Oriental Arts Centre in Schanghai und im Zankelsaal der Carnegie Hall in New York, sowie im BOZAR und in der Flagey Hall in Brüssel. Außerdem war er zu Gast bei verschiedenen Festivals,...




Pavel kolesnikov Musiktage am Rhein
Pavel Kolesnikov
Uwe Sandner Musiktage am Rhein
Uwe Sandner
Xilin Wang (Foto © By Peter Andersen) Musiktage am Rhein Festival
Xilin Wang





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