Holds a Master Degree in Percussion Performance from Northwestern University. Yi                                         Kontakt

graduated from the high school Affiliate Shanghai Conservatory in the early 90s. He

arrived in the United States to continue his music education in 1992. He and his partner

Ken Benshish co-founded iSchool in 2005. In 2011, he received an award from the

County of Nassau in New York State as an honorable Chinese-American citizen for his

contributions in promoting Chinese and American culture.

As a musician and educator who loves to share his passion, Yi has a lifelong dream to

create a better community filled with joy of music and art. 


About iSchool:

iSchool was founded in 2005. All of its 3 locations are situated

in Long Island, New York. iSchool opened its second location in

Syosset in 2008. Currently iSchool Syosset has over 300


Because of its unique teaching methods, iSchool has become

one of the top music schools in the New York area over the past

nine years. World-class musicians and educators form a

strong faculty team at iSchool. "i" stands for "inspiration and

imagination." Whether playing classical music or rock, students

discover the joy of learning in this free-spirited atmosphere. Our

fundamental philosophy is to not only teach; we must inspire.